Synopsis of Pearls My Mother Wore

Pearls My Mother Wore is about loss and recovery, resentment and forgiveness. 

The novel opens on the day that forty-three-year-old “nice girl” Kelly Tremblake buries the ashes of her forty-two-year-old husband, Grayson.  Devastated by his sudden and unexpected death, Kelly finds the sweet, uncomplicated life she has intentionally crafted for herself screeching to a halt.  As she pulls increasingly inward in response to this psychic blow, what she finds is complicated and decades old.  On bereavement leave from work, and isolating from her friends, Kelly awakens to long-denied memories of her troubled childhood.  Incidents resurface.  She is swept into them by unflinching recall.  Episodes surrounding the death of her beautiful but narcissistic, alcoholic mother, when Kelly was fifteen, threaten to overwhelm her.

Compounding the agony of her loss and the flood of memories is the sudden and unexpected arrival of Grayson’s twenty-three-year-old “bad-boy” nephew, Mitchell, who is unaware of his uncle’s passing.  Kelly can not stand this young man for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that years earlier he stole a pearl necklace and earring set that had belonged to her deceased mother.  Despite Kelly’s distain and with her husband’s generous nature weighing heavily on her conscience, Kelly agrees to a “one day at a time” arrangement with Mitchell.        

This combination of events throws Kelly into a spiral of grief, bitter resentment, paranoia,  and despair.  For her to find relief, she must get those pearls back.

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