This week I’ve had money on the brain.  I’m so grateful to the thousands of individuals who are out on the city streets of America taking a stand against the financial injustices that are crippling our country.  I think we of the middle class have had enough of politely sitting by while we are being fleeced right, left, and center.

I decided to take a hard look at where I stand financially, and I’m still in disbelief.  I didn’t get to fancy with the project.  I figured what I spend and what I make.  The numbers are rough, but they give me an idea.  When I subtracted expenses from income, I had about $6000 to play with.  But then I remembered to factor in money if I want to take any vacations.  Cha-ching $2000.  Then I remembered oil changes and car maintenance.  Cha-ching $500.  Oh, I forgot dental.  Just teeth cleanings, $350.  A root canal,  crown, or other dental or medical emergency puts me in the red.  Damn it!

I’m not poor.  I have a great life, but I live way too close to the margin for a woman who has worked for 38 years.  I can support what I have, but if anything extra creeps in, then I’m sunk.  My biggest expense is my medical insurance, $5,800 per year.

I could go on and on about this, but I’ve got to wrap it up and go to work.  I’m still making up for lost time while I was on a two week vacation.

Did somebody tell me they get six weeks paid vacation in Europe as standard practice?  Wow!

Have a great week, and I’ll post again next Friday.

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