Hello Twenty-Twelve

If this is the year that the world is suppose to come to an end, it sure isn’t starting out that way.  I’m pleased to report that I spent the 2011/2012 transition hiking in the high desert terrain of Carson City, NV.  The crisp and clear winter air, big and open vistas, gentle colors and textures of the local flora all lifted my spirits and put me in an exceptionally optimistic mood.  It’s not always easy to turn off the barrage of negativity that comes my way via the internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, and general conversation, but get me huffing and puffing on a long hike or mountain bike ride, and that stuff all falls away.  I can’t do anything about Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Russia, China, Downtown Oakland or any other other hot spot on the planet when I’m miles from civilization with nothing more than an extra layer of clothes, a bottle of water, and a ham sandwich to carry me on.  Some people get high on drugs and alcohol to find that kind of escape; I sweat in beautiful places to make it happen.  I’ll trade muscle ache over a hangover any day.  Yes, it’s still avoidance therapy, but is there really anything wrong with that anyway?  I don’t think so, especially because it fortifies my soul for when I’m in the real world, the fussy world of people and personalities.

Here are some pictures from my New Years Eve and New Years Day hikes, my soul food:

Kings Canyon valley floor

Lutrell and I high above Kings Canyon

Valley floor at Ash Canyon

Icy stream along the way

Up, up, up

The area was named Ash Canyon long before the 2004 Waterfall fire

Lutrell and I over 7000 ft above Carson City at Ash Canyon

Have a great week, and I’ll post again next Friday

P.S.  Lutrell set up and took all of the pictures.

6 Responses to “Hello Twenty-Twelve”

  1. Melba Newman says:

    Hi Terry,
    I really enjoyed the photos and looking forward to see all you have posted.
    The soup was so wonderful last night. I am anxious to get hungry again so I can have more for lunch today.
    both of us had a wonderful time visiting with you yesterday.

    • Terry Sue says:

      Terrific Melba!
      Welcome to my blog. I’m tickled that you were able to find me. Post any time on any previous posts; they all come to me. And it was such a pleasure spending time with you and Buster. Glad you enjoyed the split pea soup.

  2. Rita says:

    Lots of spiritually oriented sites speak of a shift that is happening and the current barrage of negativity is just a big push by the Powers That Be to control the masses. I suggest that you avoid it by getting your news outside the mainstream. For instance, my go-to site for all things Middle Eastern and political is Informed Comment by Juan Cole. He does not sensationalize, but gives background and facts and perspective. He is the antidote to Fox News. It would be amazing if he could be our Fearless Leader.

    It is an election year. I will ignore most of it and start paying attention around October. I keep uppermost in mind that whatever I consume, even information, is what I am supporting. It is a political act – every choice I make.

    Your blog is consistently positive and fun and uplifting. And I love the photographs of the amazing beauty in California, where I once loved living, and can now visit vicariously.

    Happy New Year,

    • Terry Sue says:

      Hi Rita,
      I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. It feels like home to me, this blog, so I like keeping it a place I want to return to.
      I don’t know Juan Cole, but your recommendations are always right on, so I’ll look him up.
      Happy New Year my friend

  3. Marian says:

    You got it right Terry.

    Happy & healthy 2012 to you and Lutrell

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